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We don’t do or recommend anything until we have taken the time to listen to YOU!

Our first step in the Financial Planning process is to engage in a dialogue with you to understand your questions, challenges, goals, biases, and how we can help.

In a meditation engagement, we want to gather information from each party individually through our intake form. We then meet with each party individually to gain an understanding of your concerns and issues.

Whether we are working on your Financial plan or engaged in mediation, listening to you is an ongoing process that will help us guide you to your desired outcome.​


In Financial Planning, we recognize you may have a lifetime experience with finances. Sometimes those experiences create biases and misinformation, or just a misunderstanding.  We will provide you with guidance using sound financial principles while being mindful of your own experiences.

In mediation, we manage the process to allow each party to present concerns, barriers, and possible solutions. We will help guide the conversation to stay focused on the key issues and work towards a best-interest-based solution.

During our engagements, we will raise questions, clarify what is being said, clarify desired outcomes, and guide you through the process of self-solutions to the issues of concern. 

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During the Financial Planning process, we will provide you with the document resources to support our recommendations and other materials to further your financial education. We are available to address your ongoing questions and provide Financial Plan updates based on your individual needs. Your emotional well-being and peace of mind are just as important as the strategies we recommend.

During the mediation process, our primary objective is to ensure that each party experiences a safe, confidential environment through which you are granted the ability to communicate your interests in a neutral setting. 


Mediation is conducted virtually using Microsoft Teams. We want you to be able to communicate in the safety and comfort of your own space. 

At any time during the mediation process, the mediator may offer information or make a referral to outside sources to support the needs of the parties.

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