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The Collaborative Approach



Our first step in the mediation process is to gather information from each party individually through our intake form. We then meet with each party individually to gain an understanding of your concerns and issues.


During joint mediation sessions each person respectfully and briefly presents his/her understanding of the issue or of the decision that needs to be made. We all want to be heard and understood before we can be open to resolutions.



The mediator manages the process to allow each party to present concerns, barriers and possible solutions.

The mediator will raise questions, clarify what is being said and guide the parties through the process of self solutions to the issues of concern. 


During the mediation process the mediator's primary objective is to ensure that each party experiences a safe, confidential environment through which they are granted the ability to communicate thier interests in a neutral setting. 

Mediation can be facilitated in person but virtual mediation using Zoom is the standard method we use. We want our clients to be able to communicate in the safety and comfort of their own space. 

At any time during the mediation process, the mediator may offer information or make a referral to outside sources to support the needs of the parties.

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