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Helping Families Through Transition 

Divorce/Family Mediation

If you are angry with your ex-spouse/partner, want to get even and do everything you can to hurt them, mediation is not right for you. You need to consult with a family lawyer. Be prepared to shell out tens of thousands of dollars, be prepared to spend months (and maybe even years) fighting it out in court. We believe no one ever comes out on top in situations like this.

Mediating the division of your marital property, ongoing financial support and a parenting plan is about you and your former-spouse/partner deciding the outcome of your own relationship transition. Both parties decide what is best for the both of you and most importantly, your children.

In mediation, you and your  former spouse/partner meet with us to work through the issues you need to resolve so that the two of you can move forward from your relationship as amicably and cost effective as possible.

The issues covered include but at not limited to the following:

1. Distribution of Property (Assets/Liabilities).

2. Child Decision Making and Parenting Time.

3. Child and/or Support/Maintenance

Sometimes you can reach mutual understandings in just a few meetings, and sometimes they take longer—requiring several meetings. We help you set the agenda and keep you on track. When agreements are hard to reach, that is when we can help. It is our role to keep the lines of communication open, guide the two of you to brainstorm ideas and assist you both in understanding there can be a third side to your decision-making process. We guide you to move towards an interest-based focus, and away from a rights-based, black-and-white approach.

Mediation is flexible and confidential. It gives you and your former spouse/partner a way to settle the conflict between the two of you in a way that helps you to work together, allowing both of you and your children to move forward with a positive outlook on the future. We are neutral and focus on outcomes that satisfy the needs of everyone involved.

We have expertise to help you understand the financial benefits and outcomes of dividing your property without court interference and with lower legal costs. We can help the two of you work through a parenting plan to meet the best interest of the children. Alongside the priority of the children, the happiness, serenity and mental health of both parents is just as important, as their disposition has a powerful, profound and direct impact on the children’s quality of life.

Once the two of you have reached a common understanding on your issues, we draft a non-binding memorandum of understanding that can be sent to your lawyers(s). He/she will prepare the necessary legal documents and review any legal concerns with you. It may be necessary to have a follow up meeting with us to discuss any concerns raised by your lawyer(s).

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