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Helping Families Realize Their Financial Goals

Financial Advocacy

You may be already working with another professional but require the expertise of a financial expert to compliment your team. You also may need help with putting together a new financial plan once your financial matters relating to the end of your relationship have been settled.

As your financial advocate, I can help you design one of the most important aspects of your divorce — your financial outcomes. I act as your guide throughout the process to help you navigate uncharted waters. The process you use, along with how you communicate, will influence your financial outcomes.


In a divorce, your financial advocate functions as your financial analyst, financial architect, financial communicator, financial negotiator, financial strategist and partner throughout the process to help you:

·     Understand the current position of your marital property

·     Evaluate the variety of risks that will arise from decisions you need to make throughout your divorce

·     Design workable solutions where you and your future life are in the centre of the solution

·     Develop strategies to open up discussions while simultaneously managing your exposure

·     Unseat negotiating positions created through prior communications

·     Create compelling evidence that strengthens your negotiating position

·     Shift communication patterns to create new opportunities

·     Present your position in a credible manner to the opposing party to minimize objections

·     Capture your intent to manage your post divorce risks

·     Minimize stressful memories that arise from lengthy divorce processes

In your divorce process, you will face many financial decisions. You can introduce risk into your divorce process depending how you interpret and respond to different situations. On the surface what appears to be a relatively simple profile may have one or many interrelated financial issues that can impact your outcomes. If you do not arrive at your desired financial outcome it can impact how you live the rest of your life. A financial advocate, skilled in the art of divorce, can be an invaluable resource on your team to help you preserve your net worth, protect your reputation (personal and business) and minimize your financial exposure (today and in the future) as you move through your divorce process.

You do not have to manage this process alone. If you do, you may unexpectedly experience undue financial exposure which could be difficult to unravel. Your advocate will evaluate the implications of each decision as it relates to your  goals. Your advocate acts as your partner every step of the way through your divorce as if personally going through your divorce process too. Your financial advocate informs you about issues you may not be aware of and how to best manage them.

An advocate knows the right types of questions to ask at the right points in time in the process. Your financial advocate has the training, expertise and technical frameworks to uncover hidden risks and mitigate implications that will arise from one or more of your decisions. Your financial advocate designs strategies and solutions to bring you from where you are to where you want to end up.

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