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Divorce/Family Mediation
Specializing in Mediating Financial Issues.

Let us help you move in the same direction.

Family Dispute

Advocating For Your Financial Best Interests

A financial advocate is a professional holding detailed expertise in all aspects of financial matters, accredited with specialized training in divorce matters who acts as an advocate in the best interest of all parties to ensure your financial best interests are represented and you fully understand all of the implications of any financial decision you make during the divorce settlement process. 

Helping Families Through Transition 

Divorce Mediation 

Mediating involves you and your former partner coming to a mutual understanding on the division of your family property, ongoing financial support and a parenting plan. It's about you and your former spouse/partner deciding the outcome of your own relationship transition. Both parties decide what is best for the both of you and most importantly, your children within the guidance of a neutral mediator.

Your Financial Advocate
Our Approach

Whether it is helping you and your former spouse/partner mediate your separation and divorce issues or working with you as your financial advocate, our  approach is exactly the same. We first listen to understand what your want to achieve and what challenges you are experiencing.  Then, we work to guide you through our process to help you achieve your desired outcome. Finally, we provide you with information and resources  to ensure you have the support you need to transition through the resolution process. 





Old enough to possess the experience and wisdom to help you. Young enough to be current with ongoing changes. 

Professional Background








Getting Help

Not only does asking for help make us better in the moment, as Michele Sullivan points out, the more we ask for help, the more we build relationships with others and grow our own support systems!

The only shoes you truly can walk in are your own… but we can do something better than that together, with compassion, courage and understanding. All three-sides can walk side by side towards a better future.

​Paul Beck is a member of (FIDRIO) Family Dispute Resolution Institute of Ontario


Emotional Distress


Financial Worries


Uncertain Future

Let Paul help you avoid the costly mistakes  made during his own divorce.
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